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Costa Sol Tenerife
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Costa Sol Tenerife
Tenerife Property Search.

Property for sale in Tenerife

In the current climate we have a lot of clients that are looking for quick sales, please contact us if you are looking for a 'deal' here in Tenerife.

A lot of our british owners are willing to deal in sterling!

Phone Number - 922 79 67 76

The initial property search and purchase of your very own home in Tenerife, Spain is tantalising in the very least. Not least, buying a property for sale in Tenerife for those from the most northerly parts of Europe and the United Kingdom has some obvious winter weather advantages!

Most potential buyers of a property for sale Tenerife embark upon their property search with a visit to the local Tenerife estate agents to buy an apartment or villa for their own occasional holiday use, and to perhaps rent out to other friends and family in order to provide a small income to keep up with the local charges such as community fees and rates.

property for sale in Tenerife The unique all year round climate of Tenerife and the Canary Islands contrasts greatly with the seasonal climate of mainland Spain and therefore usually forms a large part of the decision process to buy in Tenerife. Even though the first buy in Tenerife of an apartment or villa is mainly for holiday purposes, many people return year after year with a view to fulfilling their retirement dreams in the warmer climes of our fabulous island of Tenerife. For this reason you will see estate agents office windows permanently being viewed eagerly by Tenerife residents and potential residents as well as holidaymakers, all day long. (Tenerife property search).

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Property for sale Tenerife South

Tenerife property owners and holidaymakers alike have at their disposal some of the best quality restaurants and bars to choose from for some fantastic evening entertainment, not to mention the shows and dances held regularly at top venues. Low cost food and drink, not to mention cigarettes and perfumes also attract the more thrifty buyers to Tenerife.

Tenerife Estate Agents

Once a potential buyer has considered their property search and committed themselves to visiting Tenerife for the initial fact finding trip, they will usually find themselves faced with a multitude of Tenerife Estate Agents to choose from. Whether just window shopping or actually viewing potential properties to buy, it is important to choose a Tenerife Estate Agent familiar with the area and present locally in the community. Once you have selected the area that best suits your requirements you should be able to find a local agent with local knowledge. Here at our team of Directors have all lived and worked in Tenerife South (our chosen speciality area) for fifteen years or more.

Tenerife Estate Agents For us to successfully locate a suitable Tenerife property and to then lead the buyer through the property search and buying process, it would be really helpful to have an initial chat to thoroughly think through and target properties suitable for your needs. This will save the buyer and the estate agent mountains of time and effort sifting through a complete portfolio of property for sale in Tenerife, only to realize that only a few properties have all or most of what you are ultimately looking for. Price usually is not the only and unique deciding factor, though when buying property for sale Tenerife it will certainly need to be a major consideration. Tenerife property prices range widely, however Costa del Silencio fares well in the price to size ratio as it is a largely undiscovered corner of Tenerife (thus the name – translated as the silent coast) in comparison with its larger neighbours of Los Cristianos and Playa de las Americas. (Tenerife property search).

Property for sale Tenerife South Tenerife Property Properties for sale Tenerife South

Property for sale in Tenerife – the buying process

Buying a property in Tenerife is very different to that of most European countries including the United Kingdom. Buying property can be simple and easy with a reputable local estate agent to guide you through the buying process. There are many barriers, not to mention the language one, that can seemingly make a simple purchase of a Tenerife property into a nightmare (we have all seen the horror stories in the press) so tread carefully and follow the good sound advice that can be found in our buyers section or by clicking onto this link to the buying process pages of this site.

Property for sale Tenerife South – the selling process

If you have a Property for sale in Tenerife (particularly in our speciality area of the South) then please contact us and we will be pleased to guide you through the whole selling process for your property for sale Tenerife. We will provide you with a free valuation of your Tenerife property and guide you through to completion.

When you have found your perfect home/holidayhome/investment don't forget to visit for all your insurance needs.

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